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Here at MFF we like to sit down once in a while and talk about horror flicks and a few other horror-related topics. Sometimes we like to record these conversations and put it out on the interwebs for all the cool cats to listen to…


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“American Mary” / Our Favorite FrightCasts
February 17, 2019
We made it all the way to 50 FrightCasts! Listen in on the Frightastic Four as they reminisce on their favorite FrightCasts, and then follow it up with a grand salute to "American Mary."

“Raw” / Favorite Haunted & Possessed Items
February 3, 2019
The Frightastic Four share their thoughts about those creepy little items around the house that make for a great horror film. They also wet their appetites as they discuss the 2017 cannibal movie, "Raw."

“Revenge”/Favorite Horror Film Soundtracks
January 20, 2019
The Frightastic Four reveal what they like to sit back and kick it to when it comes to Horror Film Soundtracks. Then Greg seeks revenge of his own as they review the 2018 thriller, "Revenge".

“Mandy” / 2018 Top 10 Horror Films
January 6, 2019
Patrick goes to the penalty box in this episode of the podcast as the Frightastic Four grab the Tainted Blade of the Pale Knight and take a stab at "Mandy." They then start off the new year by presenting their Top Ten of 2018.

“Incident in a Ghostland” / Reflecting Back, Looking Forward
December 30, 2018
The Frightastic Four is down to the Thrilling Three for our end-of-the-year cast. Josh, Maddy, and Patrick reflect on the 2018 horror scene and then reveal what they are looking forward to in 2019. They may not agree on everything, but all three believe that you should check out "Incident in a Ghostland."