Where the H.E. double hockey sticks have these guys been?

It’s almost May and we’re ready for some warmer weather!  Wait, what’s that? A new blog?  Yep contrary to the rumors Tyler is NOT living in Dublin and Josh is NOT becoming a Trappist Monk. Dale is still super sexy and available (nudge, nudge ladies.)  Heather is keeping extra busy on the set of Corrupter and we now have a few fresh faces that are making it easier for Tyler to film his documentary Prairie Pints.

We are super stoked to have Greg Gale (aka The Movie Guy) on set a lot more and Patrick Lambrecht  who is not only an accomplished actor but he recently discovered a hidden talent in editing, just wait till you see what he has done to the short film Emily!  Thomas Crew has joined up as well, you will be seeing lots more of him!

In the future the website will experience a much needed overhaul, the future looks bleak my friends… (Cue ominous laughter)

Still - Blinde Date